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Privacy Policy

This document explains our privacy policy and how we handle your personal information if you use the Solar Watch and Moon Tracker apps.

Our business is making and selling mobile phone apps. We have free mobile and paid mobile apps without advertising and this website which is used to support our apps.

The types of personal information we collect and how we use it

Redwoods does not require customer personal data to deliver these products. We do not keep customer personal data.

Your location in Our Apps

If you grant a permission to the app to use the location data, apps collect your location for the purposes of running the app. They may request you to choose a location on a map or use the location services on your device to gain a location. Locations are only saved on your actual device by the apps for the purpose of providing the functionality of the app and for easy reuse for convenience when the app is next used.

It is not possible for us or you to view the location data stored by our app products but the data can be completely removed from your mobile device simply by deleting the app from your device. Follow the instructions provided in the documentation for your device to delete an app from your device.

How to edit and correct your personal information

If you have sent us a support enquiry in the past, your email removed from our Inbox or sent items. We delete any personal emails that we have received with the exact name and email you have stated and respond to you stating that I have done so.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

If we change this privacy policy, we will post the changes on this page. Privacy Policy Updated 4-April-2020.

About us

Solar Watch and Moon Tracker is an independent app created and maintained by Redwoods, a Dutch iOS app developer. We create apps and websites for fans of natural sciences, geography and astronomy. Our passion for the natural sciences and a long experience with the app development allows us to merge the science with the latest technology (augmented reality, 3D data visualisation) and shift the user expirience to the next level.


We love to hear your feedback and suggestions! Do not hesitate to contact us and let us know your comments! Email is generally the preferred way of contacting the author of this site. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries, comments and feedback.

If you are contacting us with regards to a problem with an application, please provide the following information, if applicable:

  info [at] redwoods [dot] eu