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Solar Watch is an advanced sun tracking app with a clear and intuitive interface. The app provides many great features and visualizations and does not bother you with any ads.


+ Augmented Reality projection of the position of the sun and moon at your current location.


+ Extensive 2D and 3D visualization of the solar and lunar path, compass mode and shadow simulator. You can see at a glance which side of a building gets the most hours of sunlight per day.


+ Position a customizable 3D object on the map to have the app simulate its shadow at any time of year.


+ Map visualization of the current position of the terminator.


+ A comprehensive overview of sun positions, day and night lengths, sunrise and sunset times, golden hour and dusk (astronomical, nautical and civil). All solar eclipses, winter and summer solstices and equinoxes.

+ All lunar eclipses, supermoon calendar, moon positions and illumination.

+ Lunar phases, moonrise and moonset times.


+ Calendar notification with selectable solar events (sunrise, sunset, solar eclipse) and a choice to receive one-time or daily notifications.


+ Our widget keeps you informed about the approaching sunrise and/or sunset.

* The free version of the app shows all information about solar and lunar positions for your current time and location only.
The paid Premium version of the app grants you access to information for any location for any time of year.


Brilliant app

"For me, the application is brilliant. It is especially useful for photographers and filmmakers. I recommend and thank the authors."


"I am always interested in the meridian transit of the sun, to utilize its rays in promoting the body’s production of vitamin D3. This site gives all information possible, including the time of the sun’s zenith. Excellent - and complete - details. Thank you."

Amazing app

"Very accurate!!! Very helpful when I work on my videography, and it’s free? You can’t beat that! Thank you!"

About us

Solar Watch has been created and maintained by Redwoods, a Dutch iOS app developer. Redwoods create apps and informative websites for fans of natural sciences, geography and astronomy. Our passion for the natural sciences and an extensive experience with the development allows us to merge the science with the latest iOS features and enhance the user experience and data visualization.


We love to hear your feedback and suggestions! Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or comments.

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